Pool Care you can expect:

  • Complete Water Testing & Balancing
  • Filter Back-washing
  • Surface and Bottom Skimming
  • Pump and Skimmer Basket Cleaning
  • Full Heater System Check
  • Inspect and Adjust Filter/Automatic Water Leveler
  • Brush Swimming Pool/Spa Walls, Steps and Benches
  • Brushing of Swimming Pool and/or Spa Perimeter Tile
  • Pool Vacuuming (as needed)

Pool Service and Repairs performed:

  • Interior surface cleaning (acid/chlorine washing)
  • Various equipment repairs including filter and pump services and rebuilds
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Equipment slab replacement
  • Equipment leak repairs
  • New equipment installations
  • Equipment removal
  • Pool vacuum repairs

Exclusive Perks (automatically provided to each weekly and bi-weekly account)

  • Hosing Off Swimming Pool Deck and Patio (as needed)
  • Notification when Maintenance and/or Repairs are needed
  • Small Debris Pick Up (within reason and per Deckhand Pools Care's Discretion)
  • In our efforts to support water conservation in Arizona, we will flag or notify you if irrigation drip lines and/or sprinkler heads appear to need repairs

Continuous Training

We take pride in providing our customers with professionally trained technicians. We want to be there for you every step of the way, helping you when it comes to maintaining, protecting and servicing your swimming pool. We will announce our newest services just as soon as we complete our training. We appreciate your patience with us as we do the very best we can to keep up the demand for our services. We always welcome your thoughts and suggestions; we encourage you to contact us at any time!

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