Pool Care you can expect:

  • Complete Water Testing & Balancing
  • Filter Back-washing
  • Surface and Bottom Skimming
  • Pump and Skimmer Basket Cleaning
  • Full Heater System Check
  • Inspect and Adjust Filter/Automatic Water Leveler
  • Brush Swimming Pool/Spa Walls, Steps and Benches
  • Brushing of Swimming Pool and/or Spa Perimeter Tile
  • Pool Vacuuming (as needed)

Pool Service and Repairs performed:

  • Interior surface cleaning (acid/chlorine washing)
  • Various equipment repairs including filter and pump services and rebuilds
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Equipment slab replacement
  • Equipment leak repairs
  • New equipment installations
  • Equipment removal
  • Pool vacuum repairs

Exclusive Perks (automatically provided to each weekly and bi-weekly account)

  • Notification when Maintenance and/or Repairs are needed
  • Small Debris Pick Up (within reason and per Deckhand Pools Care's Discretion)
  • In our efforts to support water conservation in Arizona, we will flag or notify you if irrigation drip lines and/or sprinkler heads appear to need repairs
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